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We offer a one-stop-service for Swiss residency for people who wish to move to Switzerland and live off investment income or foreign earnings. We are one of the foremost specialist of lump-sum taxation, a special tax system that enables foreign residents of Switzerland to pay a flat tax and not be required to report their assets or income.

Swiss residency

If you or your spouse is a EU citizen, Swiss residency will now give you almost the same rights as a Swiss citizen:
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We offer a one-stop service for people who wish to acquire residency in Switzerland:  residence permits, Swiss taxes, schools, house search, customs, utilities, insurance, etc... Full details...

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Our head office Micheloud & Cie is a Swiss family company with headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland with clients in over 100 countries. We offer a reliable, professional, discreet and efficient service and have helped clients move all over Switzerland. We have years of experience in this field and will gladly provide references upon request.

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