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We are a Swiss family company offering legal and fiscal services for Swiss residency. We have considerable experience in securing Swiss residency for international clients. Few people who offer residency services actually have extensive practical experience in the topic. Experience is the key to efficiency in this field.

We work mostly with international clients or Swiss living abroad who come back to Switzerland. We work in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian.

Our head office is in Lausanne, capital of Swiss lump-sum taxation, but we have clients all over Switzerland and not only in the Lake Geneva area, although this is where most of the client we serve want to live.

We offer high quality, personalized services. Our clients deal with one or two people within our firm for all their needs.

We are well known for the services we offer both in Switzerland and abroad. You can visit our press section to read magazine articles about our company or play radio or TV interviews where we participated.

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