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This section is for you if you or your spouse have a passport from Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, the UK, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Cyprus, Slovakia, The Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary.

If you don't click here for the non-EU-15 section.

Citizens of an EU country and their families now have many opportunities to settle in Switzerland:

If you have stopped working, you can get Swiss residency as a retired person. You can also benefit from Swiss lump sum taxation and pay only a fixed amount of taxes every year, unrelated to your assets or income.

People of independent means
If your income from personal assets is 30,000 euros a year or more, you qualify to become a Swiss resident, no matter your age. You can also benefit from Swiss lump sum taxation if you do not work within Switzerland.

Businessmen, Professionals and Self-Employed
If are self-employed, as a businessman, professional, consultant, agent, shopkeeper, artisan, or artist you can obtain Swiss residency more easily than ever. You are expected to have a self-supporting, viable economic activity but there is no obligation to invest, hire, incorporate a company or even have an office.

Work permits for EU citizens (Corporate clients only)
If you are a Swiss company and wishes to hire a EU citizen to live and work in Switzerland, we offer a very efficient one-stop service for all your work permits requirements. This service is available only to companies, not to individuals, since the work permits must be applied for by a company. Please contact us with some details about the case and will answer you right away about what we can do, how much it will cost you, how long it will last and the chances of success. Experience. Fast turnaround. Success based, reasonable fees.

For other forms of residency such as special permits and border crossing permit, services for expatriates of international companies based in Switzerland, please contact us. We do not offer job search services, student permits nor political asylum.

Switzerland is not a member of the EU but has signed bilateral agreements with EU-15 and EFTA countries to make it easier for citizens of these countries and their spouses to move to Switzerland.

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