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Lavaux Switzerland offers one of the best place in the world for retirement. Not only you can benefit from a beautiful, modern country with state-of-the art medical system, but you can take advantage of a unique tax system that lets you pay a lump-sum yearly tax calculated on the basis of your house.

Swiss residency for EU citizens of independent means is now possible whatever your age is - you can be 35 or 65 year old and qualify equally.

EU citizens need to prove financial ressources equivalent to approximately 60,000 Swiss francs a year or more (equivalent to $54,000 or EUR 41,000 or £38,000).

To qualify for this program, you cannot be working in Switzerland. We can negotiate an arrangement with the Swiss tax authorities that makes it possible to retain some activity outside Switzerland, such as sitting on a company board, providing consultancy services or writing books, but you cannot work daily.

Being a resident means that you are expected to actually live in Switzerland for the greater part of the year. This notion is quite flexible but there are limits. If your intention is to stay in Switzerland one month a year it will not work. If in doubt contact us.

You will receive a 5 year "EU" B permit that will give your spouse and children the right to live with you in Switzerland. The same applies to your parents if they are financially dependent on you, even if they are not EU citizens. You will be able to buy Swiss real estate with no restrictions and move to any canton. You will also benefit from:

  • A very central location right in the center of Europe. In an hour you can be in France, Germany, Italy or the UK.
  • Swiss lump-sum taxation. If you chose this system, you will pay taxes on an income calculated from the value of your house. You will not need to fill a complete tax statement in your life (it will be limited to your Swiss assets). The more income or assets, the more attractive the system since it you only pay a flat amount that does not depend directly from your financial situation. More about lump sum taxation ...
  • Probably the highest quality of life in the world
  • A great country to raise healthy, multilingual children
  • The highest personal safety in Europe
  • The best health care system in the world
  • The Swiss have a great respect for personal privacy and have no prejudice against wealthy people
  • Enjoy great political stability of Switzerland (no war since 1515)

Our company offers a one-stop service for getting Swiss residency with lump-sum taxation. Our service covers all applications for residency, insurances, Swiss taxes as well as practical needs such as housing, schools and much more.

  • Application for residence permits to the municipal, cantonal and federal authorities
  • We handle all Swiss taxes on your behalf including of lump sum taxation
  • Help with selecting the area that best matches your requirements including comparison of Swiss taxes across several cities and cantons.
  • Home search (buying and renting, both houses and appartments)
  • Assistance in importing your personal items, works of art, cars, pets or wine cellar
  • Swiss insurances (medical, house, car, etc...)
  • Relocation assistance for electricity, telephone, Internet access, a satellite dish, etc... about

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The Micheloud family has been helping their clients move to Switzerland for over 35 years. We have a great experience in this line of business and offer a reliable, professional service. We work on the basis of reasonable fixed fees payable according to the progress made. You will know exactly how much our services are going to cost you before we start the process.More about us ...

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