If I die in Switzerland will my wife and children have to pay taxes on their inheritance?
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Many Swiss cantons do not levy any taxes on the assets your wife or children inherit from you if you die as a resident and taxpayer in Switzerland.

The cantons that do have inheritance tax have very low rates compared to other countries. For example, the canton of Vaud charges presently only 3.5% of all assets inherited by your children.

There are many aspects to consider. Swiss property, for example, is taxes in the canton where it is located. Assets held in a trust are usually not taxed.

If you have assets and are concerned about how they are going to be passed on and taxed, we recommend you mention this when you meet us so that we can clear the situation and determine which law will be applicable for the will and how to make sure you both minimize taxes and get the assets you want to the people you choose. Between the competences within our firm and those of our partners, we can probably solve even the most intricate international tax situations to your satisfaction.

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