What is a Swiss residence permit and when do I need one?
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If you want to live in Switzerland permanently you need a Swiss residence permit. Getting such a permit and obtaining Swiss residency is the same thing. Unless you are Swiss, you will need such a document to live in Switzerland. This applies to citizens of a EU country too.

A Swiss residence permit is a similar document to the US "green card" or French "carte de séjour". It is an official document, granted by federal and cantonal authorities but issued by the Swiss city where you will live. It specifies the conditions for your stay in Switzerland, such as duration, if you can bring your family with you, wether or not you can work, etc...

There are a variety of residence permits available (B, C, G, L etc...) but most of our clients go for the B permit valid for one year if you are not a EU citizen and for 5 years if you are.

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