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Passport Switzerland: Your Pocket Guide to Swiss Business, Customs & Etiquette
François Micheloud

This book was written by François Micheloud, a partner with Micheloud & Cie, for the american publisher World Trade Press. It is devised to help international businesspeople do business in Switzerland, teaching about Swiss business customs and etiquette. 

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World Trade Press; ISBN: 1885073887; (February 2001)


Table of Contents
Switzerland Quick Look
1)   Country Facts
2)   The Swiss
3)   Cultural Stereotypes
4)   Regional Differences

Buismess Environment
5)   Government & Business
6)   The Work Environment
7)   Women in Buisness
8)   Making Connections
9)   Strategies for Sucess
10) Time
11) Business Meeting
12) Negotiation Style
13) Business Outside the law

Customs & Etiquette
14) Names & Greetings
15) Communication Style
16) Customs
17) Dress & Appearence
18) Reading the Swiss
19) Entertaining
20) Socializing

Additional Informations
21) Basic Phrases
22) Correspondence
23) Useful Telephone Numbers
24) Books & Internet Adresses

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